Tractors, Excavator, Grain Dryer, Self-propelled sprayer, Farm Equipment

Downhole drilling tools, Fishing and re-entry equipment, Pressure Control Equipment

Work boats, Barges, Dredgers

Excavator Powerheads, Crane Mounted Powerheads, Trucks & Trailers, Site Accommodation & Toilet, Fences & Barriers, Skips and Waste Removal

Diesel, Gas Generators hire for standard usage 15 - 2000 kVA.

Furniture - Specialist seating, Profiling beds, Moving & handling, Nursing and Mobility equipment

Monetize Your Idle Equipment & Facilities

Increase the earning potential of your business by offering equipment and facilities that are not in use to others that need it. Our easy to use platform lets you list and find clients quickly and easily. Sign up today and start earning for your business.

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Take advantage of the affordable and cost-effective solution for modern business operations and leave your competition behind. Find equipment and facilities to buy, rent or lease to improve productivity and efficiency in your business. Browse our listings today.


MEPON is an international asset monetization platform connecting companies and individuals with idle equipment and facilities to other businesses in need. Powered by companies the world over, we are helping businesses large and small meet their operational requirements and monetise their assets.

Our vendors are reviewed before listing to maintain a safe and reliable equipment monetization platform for all involved. We serve a variety of sectors including, agriculture, power generation, oil & gas, construction, marine and medical.

Why Monetize Your Equipment Through Us…

Short- & Long-Term Rentals
Secure equipment rentals for the length of your projects at cost-effective rates in a competitive marketplace.

Fast & Effective Services
Quickly scan through available equipment or list your machinery and facilities and have it purchased, rented or leased fast.

Save Time. Earn More money
We help you reduce costs through affordable solutions and monetise your equipment by connecting you to clients.

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Additional MEPON Services

Let us help you get your projects operationalised faster and your company’s assets working for you.

  • Let us manage your pickup, deliveries, and returns through our flexible subscription offers.
  • We install rented or leased equipment and perform verification checks for correct operation.
  • Request additional equipment operators and crew support to help your business.
  • Receive comprehensive assessments of facilities and equipment before you rent or lease.