How it Works

Finding Equipment Made Easy

We have made finding an approved equipment as easy and quick as possible, in 4 easy clicks you can be purchasing or booking an equipment, it’s that fast! More equipment that we have individually screened waiting for you, are being added daily! Simply follow the steps below.


On the home page, simply fill out the search form using the selections provided. If you are looking for something specific, add some keywords. Once you have filled in your specific criteria click on ‘SEARCH’ and the most relevant equipment available will be displayed.



Browse through the results. Each equipment will display its location. Click on the equipment If you want to know more information, read past reviews about the business and equipment being offered, including quoted price and whether the cost is per day, fixed, starting from, etc. The businesses we approve are required to give a guarantee on this price or quote.



Once you have found an equipment you want to purchase or hire, you can immediately enquire about the equipment, simply click on ‘ENQUIRE NOW’ and fill out the equipment/facility request form. Make sure you state your full name, contact details, equipment/facility, and specification you want and when you need it by and duration. Then ‘SUBMIT’. The Equipment proprietor will respond directly to the Customer within 24 hours.



Once you have communicated with the vendor and satisfied with the information provided, you may choose to purchase or book directly with the VENDOR or via MEPON.

We welcome reviews from customers. Simply go to the review selection on the service listing page and select your ratings, ‘WRITE A REVIEW’ and chose whether you would recommend or not.

Please note: All submitted reviews are vetted before being published. Reviews would only be added where there is evidence that the customer has previously been served by the vendor.


Please Note:

Registration is required before an Enquiry or Review can be made. Registration is free.

Listing Equipment Made Easy

We have made listing equipment equally as easy as possible, finding one. However, to protect the business and our customers, vendors will need to sign up, verified and approved before listing an equipment. Simply follow the steps below.

Sign Up/Sign In

Registration is required before an Item can be listed. Registration is free to customers and vendors. If you do not have an account, please complete the registration form to SIGN UP.



Subscription is required for Equipment Listing. The ‘SUBSCRIPTIONS’ page shows the subscription levels available together with ‘equipment listing limits.’ Vendors can also Sign up via the SUBSCRIPTIONS page.

Subscription Levels:

Bronze = Free (0 USD); Silver = 50 USD; and Gold = 125 USD


List an Item

Once you are signed up and subscribed to a specific member level. You can then get on with listing your equipment. LOGIN, using your USERNAME and PASSWORD, select ‘LIST AN ITEM’ from the main menu or vendor platform and follow the online instructions.

If you do not have an account, you Sign up as a VENDOR / CUSTOMER and complete the form. Upon approval, you can then start listing your equipment.



We have great advertising opportunities and offer discounts as well as loyalty rates. Simply go to the top right corner of the home page and select ‘ADVERTISE’. Complete the ‘Enquiry Form’ and SUBMIT. You may also contact us via


Please Note:

Registration is required before an equipment can be listed. Registration is free.