MEPON offers a wide range of value-added, convenient, and affordable services from speciality solutions to equipment assessment and management, and advertising.

Equipment Inspection

Ensure that the equipment you need meets all required safety and performance standards. We can arrange and supervise your third-party inspection to provide an independent and objective opinion about equipment and facilities, at any location. Our detailed inspection services can help assess the actual condition of machinery before you rent, lease, or buy.

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Logistics Services

Ensure you get your equipment on time and minimise transport costs. MEPON can assist with Pick up, Delivery, & Returns of rental equipment. We have a wide network of reliable logistic professionals. Our capabilities for organising transport of equipment ensures you can meet project start dates. Our technology-enabled platform allows vendors and clients to select specific add-on services and subscription offers to facilitate the logistic movement of large and small equipment and tools.

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Installation and Commissioning

Move your project forward with expert installation and commissioning services. Where you need practical experience and technical skills to facilitate the installation and commissioning of specialised equipment or facilities, MEPON can help. Our worldwide network of specialists can ensure that the various systems are verified for correct operation, enhanced productivity, and improved safety.

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Operation and Crew

Let MEPON help you reduce operating costs while improving your operational efficiencies. If you don’t want to lose time trying to do everything yourself and want a reliable partner for contracting qualified and experienced crew members, speak to a MEPON representative. We can assist in supplying crew to operationalise your newly acquired facility, machinery, or equipment.

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MEPON advertising gets your business in front of a global audience of company professionals, contractors, and more. With our wide industry reach for procurement of equipment, our platform is visited by persons looking for products and services in your industry. Let’s push your web banners or videos to our vast network and get your business front of mind.

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